Figma Export PDFs action

A GitHub Action that exports content from a Figma file as a PDF document.

Figma Export PDFs action

This action can export content from a Figma file as a PDF document. Afterward, you can save the PDF as a workflow artifact, upload it to an FTP server, or store it wherever you prefer.

Figma file structure

Your Figma file must follow a conventional structure:

Figma file

├── page
│   │
│   ├── group # this is a PDF document
│   │   ├── frame # page 1
│   │   ├── frame # page 2
│   │   ├── frame # page 3
│   │   └── frame # page 4
│   │
│   └── group # this is a PDF document
│       ├── frame # page 1
│       └── frame # page 2

└── page

    └── group # this is a PDF document
        ├── frame # page 1
        ├── frame # page 2
        └── frame # page 3

Each Figma group in the Figma file represents a PDF document, with the group’s name defining the filename of the PDF.

Within each Figma group (PDF document), there are one or more Figma frames, where each frame represents a page in the PDF document.

For example, given the Figma file below, the resulting PDF will be named “figma-export-pdfs-action.pdf” and will contain 3 pages. example showing a well structured Figma file

You can refer to this example for further clarification.


- name: Figma Export PDFs
  id: figmaExportPdfs
  uses: marcomontalbano/[email protected]
    accessToken: ${{ secrets.FIGMA_ACCESS_TOKEN }}
    fileKey: VQxKo2pnaksjE7Vql999Qv
    ids: ["120:3","138:28"]

- name: Log
  echo "pdfs: $pdfs"
  echo "outDir: $outDir"
    pdfs: ${{ steps.figmaExportPdfs.outputs.pdfs }}
    outDir: ${{ steps.figmaExportPdfs.outputs.outDir }}

Checkout a working example dispatch.yaml.


accessTokenyesFigma access tokenxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
fileKeyyesFigma file keyrAJHsSg4SC5NqFIFib5NWz
idsnoList of ids to export. Default to all[“17:786”, “6:786”][ ]


pdfsList of exported pdfs*
outDirOutput directory for all emitted pdf files./dist/

* For example a pdfs could looks like the following:

    "id": "6:786",
    "name": "figma-export-cover",
    "basename": "figma-export-cover.pdf",
    "filepath": "./dist/figma-export-cover.pdf",
    "cover": "./dist/figma-export-cover.jpg"

Live Example

I created a cron.yaml workflow that runs scheduled.

This workflow will export the page “cover” and the page “unit-test” from this Figma file.

You can check the latest run from this page and look at the logs. An artifact called my-pdfs is also available for logged user so that you can check what’s the final result.

Export PDFs directly from Figma

What do you think about exporting Figma content as PDF to an FTP Server, just clicking a button from Figma? Would it be cool, isn’t it?

Take a look at this workflow and find out how this is totally feasible. Just clone the workflow and setup this Figma plugin 😉