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Marco Montalbano

Hi everyone,
my name is Marco and I'm a web developer.

I started my working career in 2008 as junior developer on Oracle Portal. My main concern being the building of the user interface, I started off with HTML, CSS and Javascript, and I loved it.
During the following years, I've had the chance to improve my frontend skills, without neglecting my passion for PHP, which has been going on since high-school.

Over the years, I realized I can't be happy with simple working code - I always try to write a clean and good-working code. 
Since I develop websites besides my full-time job as well, I faced multiple times the necessity to widen my competences on server side. This allowed me to create this very website: an environment on which I can try out my latest discoveries.


Beside my full time job, I keep studying new technologies and new methodologies, so as to widen my knowledge.
I keep starting new projects to try out my latest discoveries.

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